Which Offshore Jurisdiction is For You?

Oct 12, 2023 | Investment Management

Why is jurisdiction such an important consideration when selecting an offshore investment platform?

I had a very interesting meeting and discussion recently with an IFA and their High Net Worth client. They were looking to invest monies internationally, considering how best to implement their chosen strategy. The client and IFA had a number of questions and points to make about features they wanted to see from their offshore platform provider as well as their requirements for a wide range of investment options, wrapper availability and the ability to work with their chosen DFM. They also had clear expectations regarding charges and service. Not too demanding then!

However, when I mentioned the issue of jurisdiction, this had not really featured on their “shopping list”. This surprised me and I explained what I meant in more detail. Below are a number of reasons why intermediaries and clients should not ignore the jurisdiction of their offshore provider when investing internationally…

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