Why the Isle of Man?

Apr 11, 2023 | Isle of Man

Why the Isle of Man?

An internationally connected, innovative, tech-focused business centre – combined with a relaxed, and secure lifestyle.

For more than four decades those USPs have underpinned the Island’s success as the preferred home for global businesses and internationally mobile HNWIs. It’s unique ability to find the perfect balance between a fast paced business world and relaxed leisure time has attracted generations of entrepreneurs and executives to live and work. That includes a fast-growing South African ex-pat community which makes a positive contribution to all aspects of island life. 

Behind those headlines there are a few more secrets to the Isle of Man’s success.

A secure & stable hub for international business

As a Crown Dependency, the Isle of Man has an impressive track record as a politically and economically stable jurisdiction spanning centuries, including 40+ years as a leading international business centre. This creates the foundations for a safe, peaceful community. Official data shows that the Island is the safest place in the British Isles with an exceptionally low crime rate.  

Lifestyle: The perfect work/life balance

The Isle of Man is a small community with a big heart. Historic homes mingle with modern new builds which blend in with a natural landscape that is equal to anything other regions of the British Isles have to offer. You will find excellent schools and healthcare, plus plenty to see and do on your doorstep. Superb restaurants, entertainment for all ages and sporting options are plentiful. When a city break or business trip calls, London and all other key destinations in the UK and Ireland are less than an hour away by air. There are regular sea links, and scheduled flights to most major airports, plus charter and private aircraft services.  


A world class power, communications infrastructure serves homes and businesses across the island.  There are six world class data centres, plus secure global connectivity via under-sea cables to Europe and the USA. This underpins the island’s status as a centre of excellence for tech-based business which today account for around 30% of the economy. It is home to leading companies operating in eGaming, eSports, fintech, blockchain, IoT, payments, media and film. With finance, insurance and professional services accounting for around 40% of GDP there are excellent career opportunities in these sectors too – especially for C-level executives. 

Striving for sustainability

The public and private sectors are committed to achieving net zero goals. Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda, but even more so in a community where residents cherish the stunning landscape and wealth of wildlife right on their doorstep. The Isle of Man is the only whole jurisdiction that’s a UNESCO Biosphere, and there’s a rapidly rising wave of interest in renewable energy amongst businesses and home owners. Opportunities abound for bird, whale, dolphin and wallaby spotting – yes, you did read that correctly!

Pragmatic taxation & regulation

A diverse and growing economy is supported by a very competitive taxation and regulatory ecosystem. Robust regulation, consumer protection and a ‘can do’ attitude is at the heart of the Isle of Man’s approach. There is generous financial support for businesses and a clear and simple taxation regime with advantages for those who operate internationally.

How BridsonHalsall can help 

As it would in any scenario which involved crossing continents, moving from South Africa to the Isle of Man has its challenges. But, with some expert professional help from people who really know the local requirements, it’s easier than you might think. 

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